Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy an Exile Skimboard?

There are numerous ways to buy an Exile skimboard or accessory. Internet savvy customers may purchase from one of our online shop or one of our many online retailers. Or it is always possible to drop by one of the many local retailers who carry Exile. Of course, we stock a large selection of boards Perth as well as take custom orders. Please contact us if you have any questions about our inventory or to make a custom order.

How can I get sponsored by Exile?

Exile is always looking for new riders who complement and add to our extensive team. In addition to exceptional skimboarding abilities and accomplishments, personality is an important consideration. At Exile, we pride ourselves on not only having the best team in the world, but also the best group of people in skimboarding representing our product. In general, we are always monitoring who the top up-and-coming skimboarders are. Riders typically pop onto our radar through excellent contest results, as well as personal referrals. However, if you feel that perhaps you have slipped through the cracks for whatever reason, feel free to send us a resume and any relevant materials. While it is very rare, we have on occasion sponsored riders through such methods.

My brand-new carbon board arrived and there's black all over the rails. Is this normal?

ABSOLUTELY. Carbon Fiber is inherently black by nature. With a layer of carbon on top, bottom, and the double wrapped rails, there's bound for some of the black carbon to be seen through the pigmented resin and fiberglass. Our NT Finish will have the least amount seen but there's always the possibility you'll see some. Get stoked! At least you know there's carbon on both sides of your board unlike some manufacturers!!

I just ordered a custom Exile skimboard. How long should it take?

Generally speaking, we try to allow 2-3 weeks for custom skimboards to be built. Custom boards are built using raw materials, by hand, from the ground up. This process takes some time. Additionally we are a seasonal business. Therefore we see large influxes in custom orders during certain times of the year, namely summer and Christmas seasons, which can potentially add to the build time. If you need a board by a certain time, it's always best to order early. If you need a board more quickly, we usually have a selection of our boards pre-built, in stock, and ready to ship, or you can visit any of our retailers. Don't have a local retailer?! Tell them to contact us!!

How hard is it to get sponsored by Exile?

Its easy! ...assuming you are one of the best skimboarders in the world, with a professional attitude and you get along well with existing Exile team riders.

How do I get traction pads to stick to the textured finishes?

Getting traction pads to stick to our textured finish is a cinch with a little bit og preparation. The textured deck makes the boards turn out a little lighter and a little stronger than our glossy finish, and is preferred by all of our team riders. Here are a few steps that should be taken to prepare your textured finished board for pads: First, you want to get your pads, some sandpaper (we recommend something around 80 grit), some paper towels, and something to wipe off the dust such as denatured alcohol. Take the sandpaper and rough up the area on your board where you want to place your pads for approximately 90 seconds or so. Once the board is sanded, take just a little bit of the alcohol and clean off the dust created by sanding with the paper towel. Wait for the wet area to dry, and slap those pads on! Make sure to press firmly so that the pads stick very well.


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