Skimboarding Buying Guide

Our Materials

First and foremost, We think you should highly consider what materials you would prefer your board to be constructed with. This decision will most likely ultimately determine your overall happiness with your skimboard purchase.

We build our skimboards using a number of different materials, and construction techniques. We think a good place to start is to think about the type of performance you want out of your board, and then evaluate your budget. This will ultimately determine what other factors and choices you'll need to decide on. Below is a breakdown of each of our models:

The EX0


The EX0 is our most entry level board we offer, and an excellent choice for most riders, especially younger riders, that are interested in starting to skimboard for the first time. It comes in an easy to ride, entry level shape, in 3 sizes 44" (S), 48" (M), and 52" (L), which makes this board fully capable of sand sliding for almost any rider, and assuming you have the proper size for your weight, they are capable of some beginner and intermediate wave riding maneuvers and tricks. The small and medium sizes are, in most cases, essentially 'youth' sizes, if you want a fully functional skimboard, while the large size is capable of accommodating larger and older riders. This skimboard is constructed with multiple layers of E-Glass Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin, and a gloss finish (for easy traction application), making them a little heavier overall. Unlike other boards using this construction methods, our EX0 features a more seamless rail line for better performance. This combination creates a board that's as tough as any other skimboard on the market at it's price point ($449- $549). Which brings us to: 

The EX1

The EX1 is the next step up from the EX0. This board comes standard in our widely popular Hybrid shape, in the 3 most popular sizes: S (51.50"), M (52.15"), and L (52.50"), and in our 3/4'' tapered thickness (We'll discuss this further down the line). These sizes allow for a wider range of riders at higher weight ranges (Up to about 205 lbs.), and excels in just about any type of wave conditions. The Hybrid shape is probably one of the most user friendly shapes we offer for riders of any skill level, and fully capable of high performance skimboarding. Again, we glass the EX1 with multiple layers of E-Glass Fiberglass, Epoxy resin, a gloss finish, and in a slightly stronger glassing schedule, making this board a little stiffer and stronger than the EX0 and a tiny bit heavier. The EX1 is an excellent choice for riders of any skill level looking for a high performance skimboard at an extremely economical price point ($590-$650).

Want a fully customizable skimboard?

The EX2

The EX2 is our mid level, completely customizable skimboard offering. We build these boards using almost the exact same construction process we utilize for our ultra high end Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy boards, just in E-Glass and polyester resin. This results in a handcrafted board that's lighter and stronger overall than both the EX0 and EX1 models. They are available with a ton of customization options from the size, shape, and thickness to the colors and designs, giving the rider the ability to pick and choose almost every option, and get a board that's dialed into their own personal needs. The EX2 is an ideal skimboard for the rider who demands all the customization options of our more high end models, but wants to remain on a more limited budget.  

Which brings us to the gold standard:

The Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy

Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy means that the board has a layer of Carbon on the top and bottom of the board, reinforced with multiple layers of premium fiberglass, and ALWAYS epoxy resin. We use nothing short of Aerospace Grade Fabrics and Resins with this construction.These boards are fully customizable, and are built using every trick in the book. So why choose carbon fiber? This material is extremely light weight, stiff, and incredibly strong which creates a skimboard that is super responsive and incredibly high performance, and not to mention lasts longer than just about any skimboard we (or anyone) make. Why do we only use Epoxy resin? Epoxy is the only resin system that truly and scientifically (chemically) fully bonds to carbon fiber. Not all skimboard manufacturers use epoxy resin in all their Carbon boards (or charge more for it), so we think it's incredibly important for you, the customer, to know that every Double Carbon Fiber board we built comes standard with this resin system. You can read all the other great features of this material here by selecting the Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy option. Simply put, this material is the 'best of the best' option for 90% of all skimboarders out there, especially the serious ones who are riding on a regular basis and want to take their riding the the next level. 

For the other 10% or for the rider that's just looking for the best skimboard money can buy, we present:

The G.O.A.T Construction™

Think of the G.O.A.T Construction™ as our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy on steroids'. This construction features 3 layers of Carbon Fiber, and is reinforced exclusively with S-Glass fiberglass, which is a super light weight, stiff, and premium fiberglass, and as always epoxy resin. Simply put this is the stiffest, strongest, and lightest skimboard money can buy. This is the ideal construction choice for advanced riders that demand and expect nothing short of the best from their boards, or that rider that just wants the best of the best.

 Now that you've read up on our Materials, Click Here to read all about our Shapes



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